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International Interconnect Bypass – time for a re-think?

In November 2017, I presented on the risks of Missing Trader VAT Fraud (MTIC), at the excellent AFRAGS 2017, the Araxxe Seminar in Lyon.  During the event, whilst I was listening to a case study and discussion on Interconnect Fraud Detection, I heard something a couple of things about bypass which sent shivers down my spine.  I can’t give you an exact quote, but the first was along the lines of:

“Because of net neutrality, Viber to Viber is OK”

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Telecoms Corruption Fuels SIMbox Fraud

I thought Telcos could benefit from my interview with a SIMboxer, or, more precisely, a former SIMboxer.  I’ve been aware of SIMboxing since 2002, and was involved in legal proceedings with one major SIMbox enterprise from 2003 to 2013, when their final appeal was thrown out by the European Court of Justice.  I’ve been learning about SIMboxing all that time, so why would I want to talk to a former SIMboxer?  Well, first, nobody knows everything.  Second, much of the Telco ‘knowledge’ is second-hand or inferred – are you sure what you ‘know’ is accurate?  One option is to verify your data at source, so I talked with ‘Dan’, the SIMbox man.

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