PBX Fraud occurs where fraudsters obtain unauthorised access to a PBX and use it to make calls for which the owner will be charged.

PBX Fraud

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Fraudsters generally make money from this in one of two ways:

  1. Re-selling international calls made through the PBX
  2. Generating calls to revenue share numbers, including Premium Rate Services in order to collect a share of the revenue.

Fraudulent PBX traffic is typically generated at night and/or over a weekend or holiday period when there is little or no system supervision.  Sometimes the attack is detected and blocked by the communication service provider but victims may remain unaware of the fraud until they receive an invoice for excessive unauthorised call traffic.

Recent reports suggest that criminals are now targeting organisations that may be less aware of the risks, particularly charities and schools, so this guide has been published to raise awareness and provide a resource to help protect new users.  Home