Telecoms Guide to MTIC


This guide is intended to assist all Telecoms Operators, from start-ups to Tier 1 carriers; it’s for management who need to understand MTIC risks and operational staff who need to manage them.  It’s not intended to be a comprehensive guide to fraud, VAT or Telecoms but to provide businesses with enough information to develop a logical, structured approach to recognising and responding to Missing Trader risks.

About the Telecoms Guide to MTIC

Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) VAT Fraud is a significant problem for both businesses and tax authorities within the European Union (EU).  I prepared the guide in support of recent presentations and articles intended to raise awareness of Missing Trader Tax Fraud amongst the widest possible telecoms audience.  I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of industry colleagues, particularly from Vodafone and Telecom Italia in identifying measures that can reduce the risk of involvement in a fraudulent supply chain.

Perhaps unusually, this guide provides you with questions rather than answers; questions for you and questions for others.  The content is based on years of fraud management experience.  It includes elements of good practice and governance models from other industries which have been adapted to the Telecoms MTIC environment and lifecycle.

Whilst the guide is focused on MTIC Telecoms Fraud within the EU, the core principles will apply to other high risk goods and services and may be useful if similar frauds emerge in other economic communities.

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