David Morrow

David Morrow

2016 – FraudFit

In 2016, David established FraudFit as a means of sharing big company knowledge with small and medium size businesses.  The first example of this was his Telecoms Guide to MTIC which has been well received and widely shared.  He’s a popular speaker on Telecoms Fraud and regularly publishes fraud articles.  David is currently working to highlight the issue of Telecoms crime in UK and encourage use of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).



1996-2015   Vodafone Group

Vodafone Group Plc provides services over 30+ fixed and mobile networks to over 450 million customers.

David had a global fraud responsibility as Group Corporate Security Fraud Manager, providing expert fraud management and investigation support to Group companies and Partners. He also acted as Vodafone’s fraud delegate to the GSMA Fraud & Security Group, where he was part of the management team.  In this role he:

  • Developed a Policy Standard and Common Business Model to support delivery of consistent fraud prevention and detection and reporting across Vodafone business interests and group functions
  • Developed the GSMA Security and Fraud Risk Assessment framework and methodology
  • Co-authored the industry best practice paper on Missing Trader VAT Fraud and presented it in Brussels

Previously David had carried out a number of different roles, encompassing investigation, fraud management, personnel & asset security and business continuity.  His assignments included periods acting as the Head of Fraud, Risk & Security in Vodafone’s two largest markets, Turkey and India.

Key achievements include:

  • Identified GSM gateways as a fraud issue and managed detection, suspension and process improvement, saving £15m in 18 months.
  • Identified and investigated subsidy abuse, reducing loss by 87% in 6 months, estimated savings £22m per year.
  • Investigated credit card fraud and developed and implemented a solution together with a major Card Issuer, which reduced fraud loss by 96% and saved £2M per month; it was subsequently adopted by other UK TelCos and Card Issuers.
  • Whilst in India he developed a business case and obtained Board support to replace 23 separate fraud teams with a Fraud Shared Service Centre.  This now provides higher quality with lower costs and 66% headcount reduction.
  • Providing expert fraud consultancy to Vodafone Partners.  David delivered in-country risk assessments and benchmarking in markets including Azerbaijan, Croatia, Libya and Ukraine.


1990-96         Investigation Consultancy

During this period, David delivered assignments regarding theft, contract fraud, insurance fraud, professional indemnity, intellectual property and asset tracing.  He also utilised contacts for assignments in Middle East, Africa, Former Soviet Union, USA, Canada and Australia.

Due to his Customs experience, David was seconded to Jamaica where he helped establish the Revenue Protection Division, which was designed to enhance Government revenue and reduce corruption.  As a consequence, he delivered a US$1m recovery, the largest single recovery ever made by a Jamaican revenue department.

When he returned to the UK, he investigated two large property frauds, one later taken up by the SFO.  He also co-ordinated UK and international investigations and asset tracing enquiries for a bank that had been defrauded of £300 million, establishing a database and analysis system for processing information collected on a world-wide basis.

1985-90         HM Customs & Excise Investigation Officer