David Morrow has over 20 years experience of Telecoms investigation and risk management and was formerly Group Fraud Manager for Vodafone Group and part of the management team of the GSMA Fraud & Security Group.  In 2016, he established FraudFit to help businesses identify and implement best practice for people, processes and tools and deliver great value for shareholders and customers.   Email info@fraudfit.com or call +44 7785 791791 to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Fraud affects every business, whether they are aware of it or not.  In extreme cases, losses can exceed 5%, but do you know how much you’re losing and what countermeasures you should be taking?  FraudFit provides businesses with access to high quality, independent, knowledge and skills:

  • Strategy, Policy & Standards
  • Risk Assessments
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Fraud Management Processes
  • Investigation
  • Security

Get FraudFit for the future

We can help you get ‘Fraudfit’ by developing a fraud strategy supported by a plan which uses skilled people to deliver goals based on business objectives.  The goals may be different for a start-up and a multi-national, but the principles are the same for everybody:

  • identify business assets and their value
  • identify, assess and record the threats to those assets
  • develop detailed requirements/controls to protect those assets
  • operate processes to identify and mitigate significant and emerging threats
  • establish and report KPIs and compliance.

Fraud Management Framework

Do you need help or advice to complete a fraud risk assessment?

An independent Fraud Risk Assessment provides you with an effective and economic means of assuring your existing fraud processes and identifying risk areas and improvement opportunities.  In addition to reducing your fraud risk, the review will:

  • support Legal & Regulatory compliance
  • provide improved fraud assurance to shareholders
  • reduce risk to customers
  • improve customer experience
  • help protect Brand & Reputation.

Email info@fraudfit.com or call +44 7785 791791 to arrange a no-obligation consultation.